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CITM Overview

CITM Overview


The largest professional travel show in Asia A gathering of the world’s tourism circles

> CITM is an annual event that is held in Shanghai and Kunming  alternately. As the largest professional travel show in Asia, CITM has

drawn the attention of people in the tourism industry worldwide.

> Participants in CITM come from all sectors of the travel industry, including international and domestic tourist organizations(including China’s 31 provinces, autonomous regions and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), travel agencies, hotels, airlines and related travel companies.

> The CITM Organizing Committee is sparing no effort to invite, through various channels, buyers with strong competitiveness from China (including Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, and Taiwan Region) and other countries and regions in the world, to participate in the mart. Strict participation conditions and invitation procedures will guarantee the quality of buyers, so that the exhibitors will surely enjoy the great benefit at CITM.

> Professional trade days will be arranged exclusively for registered delegates so as to ensure your participation in CITM valuable. In the day open to the public,exhibitors can promote tourist products and showadvantages of tourism resources to the mass directly.

> The CITM Organizing Committee will also invite a large number of correspondents of domestic and overseas media to cover the mart in an extensive and intensive way. Exhibitors may take the chance to increase their exposure and promote the reputation of their products.


The largest international tourism fair in Asia featuring rich contents  As the largest international tourism fair in Asia featuring the most preferential price, CITM will surely make the participants in the marthave a bumper harvest:

> Exhibitors will have many opportunities to meet the personages from the tourism circles and establish extensive business contacts with them.

> Participants may attend specialized symposiums and lectures to trace the latest development trend of international tourism.

> Press conferences or cultural performances will be held at the mart to fully display the exhibitors’ new tourism products.

> The mart will be open to tourism-related personnel and the public. It is predicted that tens of thousands of people will visit it.

> Participants may hold various promotional activities; introduce the tourism resources of their own countries so as to tap the most opportunities.