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Info for Exhibitors


Regulations on Participating in CITM 2016 

> Organizer and Manager

The exhibition is organized by the CITM Organizing Committee, and the CITM Secretariat, as the permanent working body of the Committee, is in charge of the organization and management.

> Qualification for Participating in the Exhibition

Upon receiving the application and full payment of the participation fee for the CITM 2016, the CITM Secretariat will issue a notice in written form to confirm your qualification as an exhibitor. Besides, the “Exhibitor Service Manual”, “Confirmation Letter on Exhibition Booths” and “Map of the Exhibition Booths” will be mailed to you too.

> Exhibition Booths


Booth/space will be allocated at the CITM Secretariat’s full discretion in registration sequence, reservation of booth areas and request of exhibitors. The Secretariat has the right to change the allocation of booths of exhibitors.

2. Booth Construction

     A. The construction of a raw-space booth can only be carried out by the Official Construction Contractor designated by the CITM Organizing Committee or a construction company designated by the exhibitor. If an exhibitor selects an outside construction company, booth construction work cannot be carried out unless the construction has been approved by the CITM Secretariat and a security deposit in an amount of RMB10,000  has been made to the CITM Secretariat.

     B.Those exhibitors who plan to decorate the rented shell scheme booths can only entrust the Official Construction Contractor designated by the CITM.

3. Rent

    A. Shell Scheme Booth (RMB 21,600/booth). Each shell scheme booth covers an area of 9 sqm (3 m x 3 m) and at least one scheme booth can be rented. A shell scheme booth includes four exhibition passes and shall be exclusively used by one exhibitor. Equally, it consists of four chairs, one table, one information desk, one fascia board, carpet and two lamps, as well as one wastepaper basket and one power socket.

    B. Raw Space (RMB 19,500/9m²)

         a) A raw space booth covers an area of 9 sqm, and at least four raw space booths (36 sqm in total) should be rented . A raw space booth,  including four exhibition passes, shall be exclusively used by one exhibitor.

         b) Exhibitors who apply to build a two story structure on rental space area shall pay an extra fee for the construction of the upper floor. The extra fee equals the product of the upper area multiplied by half of the raw-space price per sqm. The fee shall be paid when exhibitors receive the notice on payment after the CITM Secretariat approves the blueprints. 

         No booth or raw space shall be co-rented, or transferred to a third party without the approval of the CITM Secretariat..

> Exhibitors     

1. Each shell scheme booth shall be entitled to have four delegates at most.

2. Those who have no booth/space shall not be admitted to CITM 2016 without permission of the CITM Secretariat.

3. A booth (nine sqm), including four exhibition passes, shall be exclusively used by one exhibitor.

> Preferential Clause

1. Those, who apply for the exhibition and pay the lump sum before August 31, 2016, can enjoy a reduction of RMB700 for every 9 sqm (Both payment eligibility and exchange rate are based on the date of bank remittance).

2. Those who apply for 10 or over 10 booths can enjoy the preferential treatment of “rent 10 booths, get one free”.

> Cancellation and Refund

1. Cancellation must be made in the written form to the CITM Secretariat before October 10, 2016.

2. A cancellation fee, 20 percent of the total amount, shall be deducted.

3. Refund shall not be made to those whose application for cancellation is received on or after October 10, 2016 (based on the postmark/fax), or to those who fail to show at the CITM 2016.

4. Service charges of bank transfers will be reduced from the refund. All refunds will be made after December 1, 2016.

> Security

All exhibitors are required to strictly abide by the laws, rules and regulations on fire, security and health issued by the state and the local governments, the CITM Secretariat, the official construction contractor, and the owner of the exhibition hall.

> Risks and Liabilities

The CITM Organizing Committee shall not be liable for any loss or damage to the exhibitor’s property caused by any reason whatsoever or for lost shipments during transportation.

> Remarks

1. The CITM Secretariat reserves the right to disqualify any exhibitor whose status is incompatible with the application and registration, and the relevant fees shall not be refunded.

2. The CITM Secretariat has the right to disqualify any exhibitor who violates the above-mentioned rules and regulations, and terminate its participation. 

3. The CITM Secretariat reserves the right to revise these regulations at any time and work out new regulations according to the actual preparation work.

4.Application can also be made by logging onto, where the latest news and information about CITM will be released.