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China International Tourism Forum 2014
―― Experiencing Beautiful China, Seizing Development Opportunity




I.Theme of the Forum
China International Tourism Forum 2014--- Experiencing Beautiful China, Seizing Development Opportunity


II.  Time and Venue
Nov.14, 2014, Kerry Hotel Pudong Shanghai, Shanghai, China


III. Hosts:
China National Tourism Administration
United Nations World Tourism Organization


IV. Introduction
The Forum will be a one day event including keynote session, one Session on Inbound and one on Chinese outbound especially to the emerging markets. The discussions will be based on the latest studies of the rapid growth of Chinese tourism, with the aim to showcase what China has done so far to promote its tourism destinations and how China is encouraging its citizens to travel abroad especially to the emerging destinations in the Middle East, Africa and the Pacific.

China is attracting world’s attention with its significant achievement made during the last decade in terms of tourism development. The Forum will be a good opportunity for the participants to get insights on how to better penetrate the Chinese market, and to share with China´s experience in destination promotion.


V. Programme

11:05-11:25 Opening Ceremony
  Moderator: Mr. Du Jiang, Vice Chairman of CNTA
  Opening Remarks by Mr. Li jinzao, Chairman of CNTA   10’
  Opening remarks by Dr. Taleb Rifai, UNWTO Secretary-General    10’
11:26-11:30 Signing Ceremony
  The Endorsement of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism by Top ten
  Chinese Tourism Enterprises (Moderated by Mr. Wang Shuo, Staff of UNWTO)
11:35-12:35 Keynote Session
  Moderator:Ms. Zhang Xinhong, Deputy Director-General of Marketing &
  International Cooperation Dept.of CNTA
  Beautiful China, Tourism Dream   15’
  by Mr. Dai Bin, President of China Tourism Academy
  World Tourism Trend
  by Mr. Xu Jing, Director of Regional Programme for Asia and Pacific,UNWTO
  Brand Promotion of China’s Tourism   15’
  by Mr. He Haiming, Director of Advertising Centre, CCTV
  Analysis on the Consumption Behavior of Chinese Tourists   15’
  By Ms. Dong Li, Chief Branding Officer, UnionPay International
12:35-13:30 Working lunch hosted by UnionPay International
13:30-14:50 China Inbound Session
  Inbound Tourism: How to Promote an Sustainable Growth on China Inbound Tourism
  Moderated by Prof. Yang Weiwu, Secretary of the Shanghai Institute of Tourism Committee
  Media Marketing in the Internet Era   8’
  by Mr. Li Hong, Director-General of Hangzhou Tourism Commission
  Development and Innovation of Tourism Products in the FIT Era   8’
  by Ms. Yu Ningning, Chairman of the Board, China International Travel Service Limited Head Office
  BBC’s Report On China’s Inbound Tourism   8’
  by Ms. Katy Xu, VP, Greater China and North Asia, BBC Worldwide
  Panel Discussion : Discussion on how to maintain sustainable growth of China’s Inbound Tourism and the Promotion   50’
  Moderated by Prof. Yang Weiwu, Secretary of the Shanghai Institute of Tourism Committee
  Panel speakers:
  Tsou Hsin Chiang, Vice Chairman of Korea Association of Travel Agents,Honarary Vice Mayor of Seoul,President of Simon King Travel Co.,Ltd
  Tcurkani Urii, director of St.Petersburg office, World without borders(to be confirmed)
  Mr. Markus Walter, General Manager of Diamir Erlebnisreisen GmbH
  Mr. Devesh Kumar Agarwal, Managing Director of Victoria Travels Pvt. Ltd.
  Mr. Ross Jackson, Vice President, Asia and Pacific, VISA
14:50-15:10 Tea Break
15:10-16:40 China Outbound Session: How to share the opportunity of China’s outbound Tourism
  Moderated by Mr. Xu Jing, Director of Regional Programme for Asia and the Pacific, UNWTO
  Release of Research Findings:2013 Chinese Outbound Tourists Satisfaction Survey Report   8’
  Dr. LI Zhongguang, Director, Institute of Tourism Industry and Enterprise Development, China Tourism Academy
  China’s Outbound Tourism Analysis―― Market Structure & Trend  8’
  by Mr. Wang Xinjun, CEO of IVY Alliance Tourism Consulting

The Middle East and North Africa open the door for Chinese Tourists  8’

  by Mr. Amr Ghaffar , Director of Regional Programme for the Middle East, UNWTO

The Tourism Cooperation between China and Central/East Europe   8’


By Adam Ruszinka, Deputy State Secretary for Tourism of Hungary

  South Pacific Islands – The Next Destinations   8’
  by Ms. Sonja Hunter, Chief Executive Officer of Samoa Tourism Authority
  Panel Discussion: China Outbound Tourism in Transformation
  -----Opportunities, Potential and Challenges   50’
  Moderated by Mr. Wang Xinjun, CEO of IVY Alliance Tourism Consulting
  Panel speakers:
  Mr. Jiang Feng, President of China Travel Services
  Mr He Zhigang, Managing Director, Marketing Department, Air China Ltd.
  Mr. David Craig, General Manager Asia, Tourism New Zealand
  Mr. Riccardo Strano, Director Asia – Oceania, ENIT-Italian Government Tourist Board in China
  Mr. Wu Dawei, Tourism Officer, ASEAN China Centre
  Mr. Abualmaaty Shaarawy, Tourism Counselor, Egyptian Embassy in China
16:40-16:55 Awarding ceremony for the initiators of China Tourism Branding & Marketing Alliance (CTBMA)
  Appointment awarding ceremony for China tourism marketing consultants
  Moderator: Mr.Gu Li, Director General of Marketing and International Cooperation Department of CNTA
16:55-17:15 Closing Speech
  Moderator:Mr.Gu Li,Director General of Marketing and International Cooperation Department of CNTA
  by Mr. Du Jiang, Vice Chairman of CNTA   8’
  by Mr. Zhu Shanzhong, Executive Director of UNWTO   8’


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Name of Contact person: Ms. XU Lingmin or Ms. LI Shuo